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Switzerland and ICT

Switzerland is one of the leading business locations in the world and home to a thriving digital economy and ICT industry. Being a global leader in innovation and competitiveness, Switzerland needs the new generation of ICT talent to continue its path of success.

As all leading economies in the world, Switzerland is confronted with a considerable lack of ICT specialist now and in the future. Concretely, the leading industry association ICT Switzerland predicts a shortage of 80’000 people until 2023. iTalents Switzerland wants to close this gap by identifying top ICT specialists in Europe, bringing them together with the right employer and by supporting their relocation and settlement in Switzerland.

Find your dream job in Switzerland!

Are you interested to work in one of the ICT hotspots of the world and in the country with the highest living quality? There are many ICT job openings in Switzerland. Some of them openly, most of them hidden. Let iTalents Switzerland help you find the perfect job for you.

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